The residents of Santa Lorena face sex scandals, medical mysteries, mob violence, corporate crime, mutant spiders… And it’s not even time for breakfast.

Marcus Lazano, chased by two thugs, is run over by Frank Cain’s car and awakens in the hospital with amnesia. Romantic sparks fly between Det. Cole Washington and Marcus, as the detective investigates the “missing persons in reverse” case. Frank is the only one who knows Marcus’s identity (or is he?) but keeps mum as a fortune may be up for the taking.

Meanwhile, there’s a love triangle brewing, as nurturing Nurse Gail Renwick has romance in her eyes, firmly planted on her soon-to-be cousin-in-law, dastardly District Attorney Philip Benton. His girlfriend ruthless Rhonda Lynn, of course, won’t let anything come between her and her social climbing… uh… I mean her one true love.


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